About Us

Entrepreneurship corner is a business entity that was establish on November 3, 2014 with an aim of helping aspiring start-up entrepreneurs to start business and overall to boost economic activity in Zambia.

The online business directory was established as a solution to aid the problem of start-up entrepreneurs having troubles increasing of awareness oof their products and services, the directory helps them to be easily found on the internet in order to providing sustainability and increased profitability of their businesses.

The online business directory is an innovative solution to help start-up entrepreneur to be easily noticed and to have a national or rather global presence, coupled by a robust Search Engine Optimization making it easier for customers seeking their services to easily be prospective customers through them submitting their business listing thus making their products and services to easily be marketable at their comfort of their own location. 

Flat 3d Isometric Laptop Computer with Folders and Magnifying Glass on Screen. Data Analysis and Open Data Concept.

Our Vision

To boost economic activity using entrepreneurship in Zambia.

Our Mission

  • To empower aspiring entrepreneurs to aiding them with cutting-edge skills, knowledge and information about the business ecosystem through our Facebook group (Zambia Entrepreneurship Corner).
  • To supplement government effort in economic development
  • To foster Zambia’s values; selflessness, diligence, unity, peace, morality and innovativeness
  • To foster the collective dream of diversifying the economy